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CHINA’S largest e-commerce website Taobao has suspended services of domestic cellphone numbers and payment plans Jaguars Kids Jersey , as the country intensifies the real-name registration system in the telecommunications sector.

Before the new rule, Taobao shoppers could easily buy a broad range of SIM cards, payment plans and devices meant to provide additional forms of wireless connectivity.

According to Taobao’s new rule, many telecommunication services offered by domestic operators (including mobile virtual network operators) such as Internet-based phone cards and 3G4G Internet data cards, will be removed from shelves. The new rule will take effect Wednesday.

A source from Alibaba, which operates both Taobao and its spin-off business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail Tmall, said the new rule only targets Taobao stores. Qualified vendors on Tmall can continue their business as usual.

The Chinese Government has demanded financial institutions strictly monitor their online financial activities and ensure the security of the necessary data and information for such transactions. At the same time, real-name registration for phone users is being implemented to prevent people using false identities. However, the real-name registration system has not been effectively implemented by all telecommunication operators.

The latest tragedy in which an 18-year-old student in Linyi, East China’s Shandong Province, died of cardiac arrest after being swindled out of the money her family had saved for her tuition fees, should serve as a wake-up call to telecom regulators across the country.(SD-Agencies)

In the moment that you simply find out that you are going to be a parent. Your life requires over a dramatic change. That you are suddenly faced with all the reality that every single option you make is no more just about you. This article has some fantastic ideas on how you can make much better options and improve wonderful people.

Even when your child has misbehaved and you also have administered discipline, make sure he also understands that you simply love him. He demands to learn the difference among you disapproving of what he has accomplished, and the fact that you continue to adore him for who he is. This is very essential to create the child's self-esteem and self-worthy of. You do not want him to really feel abandoned just simply because he did some thing wrong and you had to discipline him.

An essential tip to think about in terms of parenting will be to begin the learning process with them as early as doable. Even if you think it really is as well early for them to entirely grasp some of the concepts you are talking about, it will at least introduce them to the concept and give them a head get started.

Like a parent, take the time to give your child or children physical attention. Your children seek a physical bond with you, and it can be accomplished by giving one another lots of hugs, kisses, and in some cases by snuggling with them watching their beloved television system or reading through a book with them.

Even though the universities today are attempting to play a larger role inside a child's life in terms of sexual education, you need to however be the 1 as a parent teaching this topic in detail through the household. It might be embarrassing to discuss, but your kid wants to find out about safe sex and ways to avoid STDs and pregnancy. If you don't teach them...somebody else will, and that "somebody" may not be a responsible person.

In case you and also your child are having a disagreement about a matter, you must do your very best to negotiate. You do not desire to give in totally to your child, but negotiating is the very best way available for you equally to obtain what you need. For example, in the event you want your child to go to bed at 9 and they wish to go at 9:30, agree on 9:15.

Many parents take a habit of not practicing what they preach. They'll insist that youngsters do as they say and not as they do, but you need to not do whatever that you simply wouldn't will allow your child to do. Yes, this even means things like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Sure, you're an adult. But you're also a parent of an impressionable kid!

You need your youngsters to develop up powerful and smart. You need them to be well-behaved individuals and create right choices. All of that begins with showing them what it is being a quality person as well as a loving parent. Hopefully, you have gained some concepts about how you possibly can accomplish that from this post.

ISLAMABAD, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Pakistani police on Saturday morning began to carry out operation against the activists of a religious group, who launched a sit-in protest that blocked the main highway to the capital Islamabad for 20 days.

The Islamabad police and Frontier Constabulary (FC), a force which is deployed for the security of Islamabad, launched the operation Saturday morning after the last warning to the protesters issued late Friday to disperse.

Nearly 20 people, both the law enforcement agencies and the protesters, were injured during the clashes and were brought to a main hospital in Islamabad.

Witnesses said that the protesters initially resisted the police action and pelted stones at the raiding parties. The police used tear gas shells to disperse the protesters. The law enforcement agencies arrested dozens of protesters.

Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Islamabad High Court had issued orders to the government to disperse the protesters as the sit-in had disturbed the lives of the hundreds of thousands of the people in Islamabad and the nearby Rawalpindi.

According to local reports, roughly 2,000 protestors were in the sit-in site of Faizabad since Nov. 8, and about 8,500 police and FC forces were deployed at the place for the operation.

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